Sunday, May 30, 2010

Car seat Safety...

Many people I know if they know me for very long will hear me say something about car seat safety...I have posted one video below but there are a bunch on UTUBE...

I was in a serious car wreck in November of last year along with my 3 one was injured, but ALL of my children were properly restrained and their car seats properly installed...

I can't tell you how many times I see photos or videos of kids sitting in their car seats with their upper buckle down to their belly button or see a tiny child forward facing or see a car in motion and the car seat is rocking back and forth... SCARY... In our car wreck we rolled! Had my children not been properly restrained I shudder to think what could have happened...I am sure one or more of them would have flew out of their seats and hit a window or worse been ejected!

PLEASE for the love of your child(ren) watch a couple videos and just make ABSOLUTELY sure that EVERY time ANYONE puts your child in a car that they are in the proper car seat and properly restrained...

I don't care WHO makes fun of me or what they say about me being "anal" ....our children our precious ....let's protect them and it really takes no time at all to make sure they are safe!

Securing Child in Britax Forward-Facing Car Seat

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sorry I forgot to take these pics until they were already covered in plastic in the back of my Expedition...haha

Monstor Truck Cake

Today was our church's annual Master Club Carnival and the popular event is the cake walk...there must have been over 100 cakes there!

I made 6... and by popular demand I made the monstor truck cake again...
Literally just a crumbly mess of cake, graham crackers, frosting and small chocolate donuts and of course a mud pit and monster truck!

Next up...the Sunflower made with a round cake and twinkies.

Then there is the Hot Air Balloon...a round cake decorated with gum drops and a graham cracker basket....

Flower Cake...
The petals are made with marsh-mellows and whopper was supposed to be a really cute purse but it kept falling over...oh well. Soleil liked it so much she did the cake walk and got it back...yummy!

Just for fun an m&m cake

Last the leftover cake... everything that was left from frosting to candy got put on this cake...

And here is poor Kale...begging me to PLEASE let him have some of these cakes he has been looking at for 24 hours! (Don't worry he had some for dinner tonight =)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Zumba Class

Just another Manic Monday...

Well what an interesting week it was and weekend...

Aaron's parents are in town and that is rare so we spend time with them Wednesday night, Friday night and again Saturday evening... perhaps a bit more tonight and then they fly home to Alaska tomorrow.

Had a Scentsy booth at a Zumba-thon this weekend and while sales at the booth were less than stellar (no thanks to them not advertising their vendors) I did get to Zumba so that was fun!

For those that know me I am a bit Zumba crazy right now! It is a total blast! Mentally you don't feel like you are working out and physically you are sweating buckets and feeling great!

If you don't know what Zumba is here is a little clip:

It's alot of fun!

So today is Monday and my FAV teacher teaches on Mondays, but alas my boys are sick and I am taking them to the doctor. I am so selfish! I am pouting big time because I wanted to go so bad and I won't get to go the rest of the week because I have a 4 day Scentsy show this week. Of course my boys got sick on purpose don't ya know...LOL... poor little guys they have some bad allergies!

Update on Kale... he is doing great! Peeing on the potty consistently... (I feel like saying PENIS right here just to creep Rick out...hahaha) he is not pooping on there yet but he is doing great otherwise =)

So it's Monday people... try out some Zumba!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Potty training we will go...

So I know there are a MILLION different opinions and books about how to potty train a child...

Some start practically at birth with Elimination Communication...In fact I have a friend who is doing this very successfully... I kinda wish I had given it a go, but alas here I am...

Then there is the group( i.e. my grandma) who says they MUST be potty trained before they are 2 or they will NEVER be potty trained.

I heard of yet another...wait until they are 3, sit them down and have a "potty talk" and then bathe them in cold water or spank them if they have any accidents from there on out.

My mom trained us when she though we were "ready" no bribing just alot of singing and hooray's!

With Soleil I tried to do the potty train before they are 2 method... I did bribe with candy and alas Soleil was potty trained or at least she would go on command by the time she was 18 months. BUT then we moved and put her in a big girl bed at the new house and all that went "bye-bye" She was finally 100% going on her own, wiping mostly on her own and not having to be told 3 weeks before Kale was born.... She was 2 months shy of her 3rd birthday.

Now it is Kale's turn... I tried a few months before he turned 2, but he literally didn't even know he had a penis at that point much less that he peed from it so it was pointless....he would literally be peeing (wearing just undies) and not even notice....even in the tub he would look around wondering were the water was coming from....haha

So now... at 2 years and 4 months I think he is ready to start... I had a good conversation with a friend who's son is 1 month younger and they just potty trained him and her method seems to work the best so far for Kale... this is her 4th child so I figured she "might" have a clue =)

So this is what we do... He wears undies and is asked to go every half hour, we take him and I sit a chocolate hershey kiss on the counter by the potty. If he goes he gets it, if he doesn't he is told he has to wait until he has to go. If he has an accident we go into the bathroom to clean up in the tub... I DO NOT use cold water but it is not warm either so it's a little uncomfortable but it's over quickly and I remind him that we go on the potty and then we get a treat =) I tell him the water is just for clean up because of the accident.

So in two days he has only had 4 accidents! Lots of treats and lots of excitement about not peeing on his "doggies" (doggy underwear)

So I am interested...what worked for you when you potty trained your kids?

And please no "hate" on my method because it is just that MY method =)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Over the river and through the woods...

To Grandma's (and Grandpa's) house we go...

We leave tomorrow for 4 days in MT for Easter weekend. Not too excited about the car trip, but I am excited to see my family. We are opting to try something new and stay with my sister her husband and their 3 kids in there that they have room we thought it would be a fun change.

So praying for safety, no snow and no ice and YES Aaron is driving ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lost and Sleep Deprivation

So thanks alot Andrew Garcia (he told Aaron it was a must see) because now I am sleep deprived and now of course sick.... All because of a show called "LOST"

So yes we are behind the times, 5 seasons or is it 6? So we must rent the past to catch up to the present... I did get plenty of sleep when Aaron was gone...because I couldn't watch the episodes without him, but now alas we are back to the madness.

So today I woke up with a sore throat...still went to the gym and now I am totally exhausted!

So pj's and a messy house will be on the menu for today.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Fun Looks Like at a Scentsy Ladies House...

So yesterday we got the shipment of all the new Spring Scentsy plus more for my big open house next week.

I don't know who was more excited me or the kids...they ran and opened the door for the UPS man and then pushed the boxes into the living room!

Even Klayton helped un-load all those Scentsy bars!

Kale was the supervisor this time making sure Soleil was working hard!
(and showing you his cars which he always has one in hand!)

Soleil had the idea that they could use all that packing paper for coloring on and ta-da! Free entertainment while I labeled everything!

Here it all is before we put it away on the shelves of the "Scentsy Closet"

So it smells good at our house ...and it's nice to have the shelves stocked again!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dinner Out and Family Fun Friday Night!

So this week was very exhausting for me as it was a BUSY couponing week! So be the end of the week having saved a little over $300 (spending $47) on wednesday night, I also shopped Monday and Tuesday saving over $800 (spending $124) combined those days.

Here is what I got for $47!

30 boxes fruit snacks (30 cents a box)
8 tubes tooth paste
8 tooth brushes
6 Cascade Dishwasher Detergent
12 rolls bounty paper towels
2 dawn dish soap
10 cans refrided beans
15 cans hunts diced tomatoes
1 pkg pampers diapers
1 large pkg. Huggies wipes
2 boxes sandwich bags
4 pkgs. zip-loc "tupperware"
4 shampoo and 4 conditioner Pantene Pro-V

I was just plain wiped out! So last night I asked Aaron what he wanted for dinner...knowing full well we had plenty of food options at home...he opted to take us out to dinner and I wasn't sad in the least bit! We ate at Tuscono's Brazillian Grill. (

It's quite the fast-paced dining experience. You pay a set price per adult (kids are free) and there is a full buffet of wonderful side dishes, salads and appetizers as well as soups. Then their are a bunch of guys who bring meat of all kinds to your table and also grilled pineapple and Parmesan veggies! It is sooooo delicious and you can keep going until you are stuffed!

We especially got a kick out of Kale. Whenever a "meat man" would come to the table Kale would stand on his chair and hold out his plate... he wanted some of EVERYTHING...and would eat it and declare "YUM" very loudly. He even tried the grilled chicken hearts (YUCK) and declared them "YUM" as well. Soleil and I were smart and didn't even try them, but Aaron did and said they were gross. It was hilarious to see Kale chomping down on them.

We then headed to Re-Discovered book store. Our favorite book store to visit. I found a used book I had been looking for and we were pleasantly surprised to find it was "meet the author" night! Roland Smith author of books such as "I.Q" and "Tentacles" ...basically young adult adventure series. Aaron was the oldest one in the line for autographs. =)

Then it was home for bed for the kids and reading time for mom and dad.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Do you ever just wish...

That your house would stay clean, your laundry done, your cupboards full, your bank account full, people would keep their word, decisions weren't so hard to make, you wouldn't quarrel with your spouse and that life were just well easier I guess.

But then I guess it wouldn't be life and it wouldn't make us look forward to heaven so much... Heaven... no more of any of the above..just end-less days of son-shine and basking in our Saviour's presence. *sigh*

Now it's back to the housework at hand...

Friday, February 26, 2010


I think it is a family movie and pizza night for sure!

We started the day off by going to bed...Aaron and I stayed up until 1 a.m. working on a HUGE mailing for my Superstar Scentsy Director and of course watching a movie to make the time seem fun =) Then we awake at 7:15 (which is early at our house) to the sound of Klayton babbling in his crib.

Now the reason this is strange is that Kale was nowhere in site...he was actually still in bed! Kale is our "early" riser and he often wakes everyone up each day. So to hear Klayton and not Kale first was a surprise. Kale ended up sleeping in today until nearly 9!

We then headed as a family to the gym. Kids to the play center, Aaron to the weights/cardio and me to Zumba. Today was my first day doing the class with my friend Pam as teacher. That girl can move! It was alot of fun and I am sure the row behind me enjoyed laughing at me not being able to do the moves very well.

I hope to be shaking it with the best of them in a few months...

Then we all came home and took naps...sweet sleep! Klayton slept for 4 hours! Craziness broke out at the end of nap time as the peacefulness ended when the phone rang. WHY OH WHY....are kids sweet and nice and then the minute the phone rings they are fighting! I had 2 of my down-line on the phone needing help with putting in their first orders...I kept going back and forth between lines, SOleil hitting Kale and Kale screaming and then Klayton wakes up with a poopy diaper...

Haha! A day in the life of me... so Aaron is picking up a pizza, I will run out and check the mail and let the weekend begin!

Super Cute BInder Purse

Ok for us Coupon Divas here is a fun giveaway you can enter at!

Here is the blog site!

Now go enter to win!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kale can be sweet if he wants to...

Yesterday a certain un-welcomed visitor showed up. She comes every month stays for a few horrible, energy sucking days and then finally leaves. So normally I work out on Wednesdays but since I felt the need to stay home and keep her company...she did offer to come with and suck my energy as I worked out, but I decided to hide out at home to deal with her. So we all had a pj day and folded laundry and watched movies.

Kale must have sensed that mommy was not happy about her visitor and he was extra sweet and nice. He laid on his tummy on a pillow on the couch and watched me fold laundry and then later sat and read some books! It was so nice to see that even though we call him "Mr. Grumpy" for a reason, he does have his sweet times and I treasure every one. He even humored me by using the potty a few times.

I finally showered and got ready for church around 4:30 and the rest of the evening was quite pleasant. My visitor eased up on making me feel ill and today is a brand new day. I think she is hiding out not being so loud and obnoxious... which is always nice. Couple more days and she will be gone and then mommy's happy mood can be back too =)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

So I KNOW I promised pics of our trip and yes I realize that we got back 2 weeks ago...BUT my husband...ok I will take some of the blame thought we wouldn't need a REAL camera and I can't figure out how to up-load the crappy pics from our phones. So until then. Sorry. It WAS fun though!

Warm weather, NO kids, NO kids and did I mention...SLEEP! YEAH! We loved it!

We did the whole Hollywood Blvd. Walk of fame thing...which was fun for us and then went to the wax museum too. I was brave and we ate at a Sushi place down there. Just the thought of sushi makes me want to gag, but contrary to what I thought, not all sushi is raw slimy fish. It was actually....wait for it...good, as in yummy. I know this made Aaron gloat with happiness as he had been trying to get me to try it for a long long time.

We also went to a Target so big that it had it's own parking garage and an escalator and this really cool thing ...kind of like an escalator for a cart! If Kate is reading this I am sure she remembers the first time I rode on an escalator...yes I am easily amused!

On Saturday of our trip we went down to 3rd street Prominade in Santa MOnica...that was alot of fun and also had lunch at PF Changs. We saw someone famous, but don't know who ...couldn't see very well through the paparazzi guys following them.

Saturday night we went to a "Read and White" party at a little cozy "club" was fun. Good food, some wine (don't drink myself, but others par-took) and some reading. Met some great business contacts for both of us.

Sunday Aaron was off bright and early to meet with Bill Meyers the author and I stayed in bed until 10! WAHOO! Then I got ready, had some breakfast, watched a little tv (we don't watch tv at home so this was really a treat) I got my fill of HGTV for awhile =) Then I called the front desk and the nice shuttle dude took me to the mall. Had alot of fun there. Got lost and went around in circles looking for the nail shop. FINALLY found it with my mall GPS (kidding) and had myself a nice manicure/pedicure and some cute little flowers painted on too. Only $36 for both! That is so cheap! In Idaho you are lucky to get one for that price.

Aaron picked me up and then we went to Inn and Out Burger (yummy) and then took a nap (we stayed up too late every night) and after that is when we went down to Hollywood and then of course stayed up way too late again...watching HGTV.

I didn't want to come home and it took me a good week to get back to reality...but I did miss the good to be a mommy...

Aaron's synopsis is that he misses California and how fast you can drive! I didn't see one speed limit sign the entire time and guess what...I didn't see one single accident either! AMAZING isn't it? Something to think about...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Winging out way to L.A. tonight for my birthday weekend and some other businessy stuff. Did you know it is $25 PER bag EACH way! YIKES! So of course we decided to carry on... I managed to cram everything including a party dress and matching shoes into my back-pack. I also of course am bringing a Scentsy warmer and a bunch of bars as a gift for a friend that we will be seeing while down there. So I will either come home lighter and wearing 4 outfits if we do any shopping. PROMISE to take pics and post them next week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More couponing...

Ok if anyone gets tired of these feel free to let me know.

I am not showing these to "brag" but I am hoping to inspire others as we live in times where saving money is very much needed.

Price before sale, clearance and coupons-$113.25...Price after- $42.68

Cereal- $1.50 each (plus there are coupons for diapers on the backs of 3 of the boxes!

Darigold Sour Cream-50 cents each

Fresh Express Salad- 47 cents each

Diapers- $2.99

Kotex Tampons-$1.63 each

Degree Deodorant- $2.63 per "gift set" 2 normal sized and 1 travel sized(cames out to $1.31 each and travel size FREE)(Laughing at the notion that ANYONE might want this for a gift, but her....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just went back to Brunette

I get the itch to switch...about once a year so it's back to Brunette for now =) Plus it was getting expensive having to go in every 2 1/2 - 3 months...I'll miss seeing my wonderful hair lady, Marty though...she is AWESOME! She did my hair today even when she had been up all night with sick kids because she wanted me to look pretty for my trip... Now that my friends is priceless! LOVE YOU MARTY!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coupon Craziness!

As you may know my mother got me hooked on coupon craziness....

So here are my most recent "hauls" from last night and this morning.

Before Sale and Coupons this would have cost $110.49...I paid $19.95

12- Bottles ALL detergent (32 loads each) $1.49 each
1pgk- Albertson's brand diapers- $2.99
12- Jars Ragu 50 cents each
10- boxes quaker instant oatmeal -FREE

Shampoo and Conditioner-50 cents each

And for this...Would have cost $171.19...I paid $17.93

5-Boxes Life Cereal- $1 each
2-Ragu Alfredo- 50 cents each
6- Half Gallons Breyers- $1.50 each
12- Boxes Granola Bars- 10 were FREE and the other 2 were $1 each


Aaron has the opportunity to fly to L.A. to meet with a printer and a bunch of authors and also BILL MEYERS. If you are around my age you might remember "McGee and Me" videos. Well Bill Meyers is the creator/writer. He has written count-less other books etc...well he has a bunch of books that he want to re-print and so he contacted Aaron.

Sooooo since next weekend IS my birthday. I begged to go along and Aaron said yes...hehehe So I am taggin along and we will spend just one night and one morning on business and the rest on FUN!

We found fantastic tickets to include hotel for only $288 and they are direct flights! WAHOO! Plus a super cheap rental car. Who says booking at the last minute is more expensive?

So we get in late friday night, have all day Saturday to do whatever then Saturday night is the party thing, Sunday morning we are going to Bill Meyers house, then we do whatever for the rest of Sunday and fly home Monday morning.

I am one happy person/wife/mommy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sooooo Close and a Little Bummed

So as some of you may know I have been earning a trip to Hawaii from Scentsy.

To earn it you needed 24,000 points. As of January 1st (the last month to qualify) I needed 4,200. I sat down and figured out where they would need to come from. I would need 4 of my team to hit certified (first $1,000 in sales) 1 needed $50. 1 needed $1,000, 1 needed $850 and 1 needed $450. I would then need 1 recruit and $1500 in sales.

Well it wasn't looking to hopeful the end of the month fast approaching. I had almost $1,000 in sales, I recruited my person. But I had 2 parties cancel. Last night I decided at 9 p.m. to take one last look. The $50 girl still needed $50. $1,000 ONLY needed $205! $850 girl blew right over hers and $450 girl only needed $200.

I tried what I could, but it just didn't happen. So of course because I am a girl...I cried and then we watched a sad movie so I cried more and then I went to bed and had bad dreams.

But today I woke up and I feel relieved. I did my BEST. That was the FIRST trip I had ever tried for and although I can pout about missing it by $950 worth of sales. I can be HAPPY, yes HAPPY that I ONLY missed it by $950. Next trip look out!

Engineer for a Day

So Saturday I was feeling refreshed and fantastic! We took the kids down to Boise State University for "Engineer for a Day" it was fun...I think next year Aaron will just take Soleil though. They had several "all ages" activities including building and edible equosphere (spelling?) with tooth picks and gum drops. All that was left of Kale's after about a minute were of course sticks. Soleil's at least made it home...part of it anyways. There were all kinds of classes and things to do, but you had to sign up and by the time we got there around 11 a.m. they were full. Next year ...get there at 9 a.m. sign up and THEN go do the open activities.

Side not while we were there I did get into a discussion with a lady. She had 6 kids and the youngest was a little younger then Klayton. I told her Klayton was our last one. She replied "Oh we said that too!" I laughed because MANY people say this comment to me. I then told her it was permanent and it was ME. The color completely left my face when she said "Oh me too and then here HE is" AHHHHHHH! Do NOT tell me this people! Seriously though I don't think I am so much scared of getting pregnant as WHAT IF I DID and it got stuck in my tube? Well Aaron said what would happen? "Oh my tube would burst and then I would have to go to the ER" He smarts off "Well at least it's nothing serious" and then we both laughed. Seriously I just can't worry about what if's today!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday Date Night

So since it was such a crazy not so fun week...

About 4:00 p.m. yesterday I asked Aaron if we could have my birthday date night a week early. He replied with "get a sitter" which in guys terms means "YES!" WAHOO! My spirits were instantly lifted!

So I called Heather and being the wonderful and amazing sitter she is said yes even though she was tired and had already watched other kids all day. I LOVE her! So off I went to get ready and so I put the boys in the tub to splash around (and maybe even get clean) while I got ready. I was putting the finishing touches on my mascara when I heard "Uh, OH POTTY!" I looked over and yes...Kale had pooped in the fun! Thankfully I had already removed Klayton and so I got Kale out and proceeded to start the cleaning process...

Heather arrived around 7 and I was so happy to get away from kids and poopy tub.
We thought about going to PF Changs, but I really just wanted to go shopping...Aaron is fun to shop with he has excellent taste and a knack for picking out really great shirts etc...for me. So after a quick stop at the cell phone kiosk to transfer his numbers onto his new phone...I hit Sephora for some new eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Next we went to Maurices and although he swore I would look like a popsicle in a certain green shirt...even he had to agree it looked "hot" so a few more items there and using a couple coupons I had. Checked out a couple more stores, but didn't find anything.

Went to Old Chicago for Turkey Burger for me and Club sandwich for him. Ended the evening with a coffee, movie at home...

All in all it was fabulous! AND I still get to have "ME DAY" on my actual birthday next saturday... It's the only day of the year I have an entire day child-free, guilt-free, shopping, lunch and whatever...usually a friend comes along to. It's the best! I started this tradition for myself last year when Aaron was working out of town. I needed it after all those months being a "single mom" during the week.

I'll be sure to post about that. I really will try to do more pictures...I can't figure out how to up-load from my phone to the web yet...

Next post will be about taking the kids to "Be an Engineer for a Day

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh almost forgot...

In case you like my family have the winter blah' is a good site for activities that are truly simple!


Another day in paradise!

Have you heard the country song...."Just another day in paradise" ...."Kids screaming, phone ringing, post man knocking at my door,....just another day in paradise"

Kind of has been my song this week...

I woke up this morning and was SURE today would be new and fresh and everyone would be feeling wonderful...

Klayton started off really happy, but by 11 a.m. was back to screaming and crying and tugging at his left ear =( I had to let him cry himself to sleep for his first nap=(
The afternoon was not much better and again he cried himself to sleep for his 2nd nap. Convinced Aaron we needed a trip to our chiropractor Dr. Thompson and so we all went and made a family outing of it. I think the car ride was a fantastic idea. We were all just getting cabin fever! Then Aaron even took us all to Fuddruckers on the way back and Klayton was happy the entire time! YEAH! Home and got all the kiddos bathed and into bed.

Kale was up a few minutes after being put down...he was tugging at his diaper and I asked him if he needed to go potty and he ran to the bathroom! YEAH YEAH YEAH! He only had 2 accidents today and he really seems to know what to do when he gets on the potty so that excites me! I was tempted to scrap the training this week since it's been so rough, but I think we are off to a good start so will stick with it.

Finishing the evening by watching Hair Spray...pretty funny. I think Aaron is watching another movie while I surf around on the internet. When the days are rough it is quite nice to stay up late and enjoy the peace and quiet!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Klayton's 1 year old pics

SO here are a few of the results from yesterdays photo shoot...

Today was even my crazy except I wasn't as moody...Right now Aaron is home and feeding the kids dinner while I escape...

Klayton literally screamed whenever I was not holding him today. So I spent alot of time on facebook and watching movies. Poor Soleil she is so good even when she is not getting any attention whatsoever.

On a good note Kale did use the potty twice! I can tell he is getting how to "release" and likes wiping alot.

Hopefully the evening is more peaceful. I am trying to get some of my car seat covers finished so I can start new ongoing project. I even sell a few here and there and give them as gifts... Need to take some pics.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Trying to be better, but it's just another crappy day!

Ok so inspired by my husband who faithfully blogs every single day...I am going to promises, but maybe I will actually get some readers if I say up date more than once a quarter!

So today started out ok enough...text from a friend who said her husband rolled their jeep, but he is ok...the car of course is not. Tried in vain to go back to sleep so up I got and after getting Kale some breakfast and flipping on a movie...aka...morning babysitter. I hopped in the shower and then threw on something comfy to hide how bloated and well let's just say hormonal and menstrual I am feeling. Got the kids ready and of course got irritated because we were not getting out the door on time.

Off we finally were to get Klayton's one year old pictures taken. Got a coffee at Moxie and actually had time to chat with my fav barista Sarah. Dropped Soleil and Kale off at our favorite sitters and then took Klayton to Target to get his pics. Poor guy has been teething and thus snotting and drooling all over everything.

Normally he is so smiley and happy, but today could only muster a few grins for the camera. It is bittersweet that my baby, my third, my....last now 1! When does baby-hood end and child-hood begin? For now I will hold on tight to each precious moment.

After pics picked up kids and headed home threw some lunch together and got Klayton down for a nap...he was soooo tired and just could tell he was feeling crappy. Sewed for just a little bit and then the Scentsy came! Wahoo! It's always like christmas. I told him in a stern voice that he was LATE! He normally comes around 11...LOL He kinda looked shocked until I laughed. Poor guy! Just trying to do his job!

Well the afternoon and evening just went down-hill. Kale is getting into everything! "No Kale get out of the trash" "No Kale don't throw play-doh on the floor" "No Kale get away from mommy's sewing machine!" AHHHHHHHH! And because I am on my period...I ran upstairs upset and overwhelmed and promptly threw myself on the couch for a good cry...only it was short-lived because Aaron had to leave and I had to try and be a grown-up.

How do we do it...we woman? Day after day...whiny kids, sick kids, housework, cooking, cleaning, errands, work, husbands... It's enough to make you want to climb the walls. That's just what I did tonight. Tried to literally climb my walls. What a crazy day.

I know tomorrow will be better and I will look back and just a horrible memory. It's the moments of goodness in our lives. A child's hug, smile or funny re-mark. Soleil kept coming up to me all day and just giving me hugs. She said "mommy do you need a hug? It's a rough day huh?" Holding back tears I willingly gave into her adorable ways of love and even as a child she understands what mommy needs on a rough day. Just a few hugs.