Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coupon Craziness!

As you may know my mother got me hooked on coupon craziness....

So here are my most recent "hauls" from last night and this morning.

Before Sale and Coupons this would have cost $110.49...I paid $19.95

12- Bottles ALL detergent (32 loads each) $1.49 each
1pgk- Albertson's brand diapers- $2.99
12- Jars Ragu 50 cents each
10- boxes quaker instant oatmeal -FREE

Shampoo and Conditioner-50 cents each

And for this...Would have cost $171.19...I paid $17.93

5-Boxes Life Cereal- $1 each
2-Ragu Alfredo- 50 cents each
6- Half Gallons Breyers- $1.50 each
12- Boxes Granola Bars- 10 were FREE and the other 2 were $1 each


  1. Way to Go !!!!!
    Shopping sure is fun & inexpensive!!!
    The hunt for bargin...
    KayleeBeth is my shopping buddy...
    She loves it when I give her the
    money & coupons...
    maybe sometime I will loan her to you.

  2. HAHA...I like going just not with kids =)

  3. That is amazing. Wow. All that stuff for under $40? You might actually have made me a convert.

    Also... is that your kitchen? That is lovely!

  4. FANTASTIC JOB! And also Kudos on all the crazy amounts of blogging you've been doing! You're on fire!

  5. Thanks Rachel...it is my kitchen =)

    Thanks Kate... I am trying to do better...Aaron blogs EVERY single day and so that helps me remember!