Friday, February 26, 2010


I think it is a family movie and pizza night for sure!

We started the day off by going to bed...Aaron and I stayed up until 1 a.m. working on a HUGE mailing for my Superstar Scentsy Director and of course watching a movie to make the time seem fun =) Then we awake at 7:15 (which is early at our house) to the sound of Klayton babbling in his crib.

Now the reason this is strange is that Kale was nowhere in site...he was actually still in bed! Kale is our "early" riser and he often wakes everyone up each day. So to hear Klayton and not Kale first was a surprise. Kale ended up sleeping in today until nearly 9!

We then headed as a family to the gym. Kids to the play center, Aaron to the weights/cardio and me to Zumba. Today was my first day doing the class with my friend Pam as teacher. That girl can move! It was alot of fun and I am sure the row behind me enjoyed laughing at me not being able to do the moves very well.

I hope to be shaking it with the best of them in a few months...

Then we all came home and took naps...sweet sleep! Klayton slept for 4 hours! Craziness broke out at the end of nap time as the peacefulness ended when the phone rang. WHY OH WHY....are kids sweet and nice and then the minute the phone rings they are fighting! I had 2 of my down-line on the phone needing help with putting in their first orders...I kept going back and forth between lines, SOleil hitting Kale and Kale screaming and then Klayton wakes up with a poopy diaper...

Haha! A day in the life of me... so Aaron is picking up a pizza, I will run out and check the mail and let the weekend begin!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kale can be sweet if he wants to...

Yesterday a certain un-welcomed visitor showed up. She comes every month stays for a few horrible, energy sucking days and then finally leaves. So normally I work out on Wednesdays but since I felt the need to stay home and keep her company...she did offer to come with and suck my energy as I worked out, but I decided to hide out at home to deal with her. So we all had a pj day and folded laundry and watched movies.

Kale must have sensed that mommy was not happy about her visitor and he was extra sweet and nice. He laid on his tummy on a pillow on the couch and watched me fold laundry and then later sat and read some books! It was so nice to see that even though we call him "Mr. Grumpy" for a reason, he does have his sweet times and I treasure every one. He even humored me by using the potty a few times.

I finally showered and got ready for church around 4:30 and the rest of the evening was quite pleasant. My visitor eased up on making me feel ill and today is a brand new day. I think she is hiding out not being so loud and obnoxious... which is always nice. Couple more days and she will be gone and then mommy's happy mood can be back too =)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

So I KNOW I promised pics of our trip and yes I realize that we got back 2 weeks ago...BUT my husband...ok I will take some of the blame thought we wouldn't need a REAL camera and I can't figure out how to up-load the crappy pics from our phones. So until then. Sorry. It WAS fun though!

Warm weather, NO kids, NO kids and did I mention...SLEEP! YEAH! We loved it!

We did the whole Hollywood Blvd. Walk of fame thing...which was fun for us and then went to the wax museum too. I was brave and we ate at a Sushi place down there. Just the thought of sushi makes me want to gag, but contrary to what I thought, not all sushi is raw slimy fish. It was actually....wait for it...good, as in yummy. I know this made Aaron gloat with happiness as he had been trying to get me to try it for a long long time.

We also went to a Target so big that it had it's own parking garage and an escalator and this really cool thing ...kind of like an escalator for a cart! If Kate is reading this I am sure she remembers the first time I rode on an escalator...yes I am easily amused!

On Saturday of our trip we went down to 3rd street Prominade in Santa MOnica...that was alot of fun and also had lunch at PF Changs. We saw someone famous, but don't know who ...couldn't see very well through the paparazzi guys following them.

Saturday night we went to a "Read and White" party at a little cozy "club" was fun. Good food, some wine (don't drink myself, but others par-took) and some reading. Met some great business contacts for both of us.

Sunday Aaron was off bright and early to meet with Bill Meyers the author and I stayed in bed until 10! WAHOO! Then I got ready, had some breakfast, watched a little tv (we don't watch tv at home so this was really a treat) I got my fill of HGTV for awhile =) Then I called the front desk and the nice shuttle dude took me to the mall. Had alot of fun there. Got lost and went around in circles looking for the nail shop. FINALLY found it with my mall GPS (kidding) and had myself a nice manicure/pedicure and some cute little flowers painted on too. Only $36 for both! That is so cheap! In Idaho you are lucky to get one for that price.

Aaron picked me up and then we went to Inn and Out Burger (yummy) and then took a nap (we stayed up too late every night) and after that is when we went down to Hollywood and then of course stayed up way too late again...watching HGTV.

I didn't want to come home and it took me a good week to get back to reality...but I did miss the good to be a mommy...

Aaron's synopsis is that he misses California and how fast you can drive! I didn't see one speed limit sign the entire time and guess what...I didn't see one single accident either! AMAZING isn't it? Something to think about...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Winging out way to L.A. tonight for my birthday weekend and some other businessy stuff. Did you know it is $25 PER bag EACH way! YIKES! So of course we decided to carry on... I managed to cram everything including a party dress and matching shoes into my back-pack. I also of course am bringing a Scentsy warmer and a bunch of bars as a gift for a friend that we will be seeing while down there. So I will either come home lighter and wearing 4 outfits if we do any shopping. PROMISE to take pics and post them next week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More couponing...

Ok if anyone gets tired of these feel free to let me know.

I am not showing these to "brag" but I am hoping to inspire others as we live in times where saving money is very much needed.

Price before sale, clearance and coupons-$113.25...Price after- $42.68

Cereal- $1.50 each (plus there are coupons for diapers on the backs of 3 of the boxes!

Darigold Sour Cream-50 cents each

Fresh Express Salad- 47 cents each

Diapers- $2.99

Kotex Tampons-$1.63 each

Degree Deodorant- $2.63 per "gift set" 2 normal sized and 1 travel sized(cames out to $1.31 each and travel size FREE)(Laughing at the notion that ANYONE might want this for a gift, but her....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just went back to Brunette

I get the itch to switch...about once a year so it's back to Brunette for now =) Plus it was getting expensive having to go in every 2 1/2 - 3 months...I'll miss seeing my wonderful hair lady, Marty though...she is AWESOME! She did my hair today even when she had been up all night with sick kids because she wanted me to look pretty for my trip... Now that my friends is priceless! LOVE YOU MARTY!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coupon Craziness!

As you may know my mother got me hooked on coupon craziness....

So here are my most recent "hauls" from last night and this morning.

Before Sale and Coupons this would have cost $110.49...I paid $19.95

12- Bottles ALL detergent (32 loads each) $1.49 each
1pgk- Albertson's brand diapers- $2.99
12- Jars Ragu 50 cents each
10- boxes quaker instant oatmeal -FREE

Shampoo and Conditioner-50 cents each

And for this...Would have cost $171.19...I paid $17.93

5-Boxes Life Cereal- $1 each
2-Ragu Alfredo- 50 cents each
6- Half Gallons Breyers- $1.50 each
12- Boxes Granola Bars- 10 were FREE and the other 2 were $1 each


Aaron has the opportunity to fly to L.A. to meet with a printer and a bunch of authors and also BILL MEYERS. If you are around my age you might remember "McGee and Me" videos. Well Bill Meyers is the creator/writer. He has written count-less other books etc...well he has a bunch of books that he want to re-print and so he contacted Aaron.

Sooooo since next weekend IS my birthday. I begged to go along and Aaron said yes...hehehe So I am taggin along and we will spend just one night and one morning on business and the rest on FUN!

We found fantastic tickets to include hotel for only $288 and they are direct flights! WAHOO! Plus a super cheap rental car. Who says booking at the last minute is more expensive?

So we get in late friday night, have all day Saturday to do whatever then Saturday night is the party thing, Sunday morning we are going to Bill Meyers house, then we do whatever for the rest of Sunday and fly home Monday morning.

I am one happy person/wife/mommy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sooooo Close and a Little Bummed

So as some of you may know I have been earning a trip to Hawaii from Scentsy.

To earn it you needed 24,000 points. As of January 1st (the last month to qualify) I needed 4,200. I sat down and figured out where they would need to come from. I would need 4 of my team to hit certified (first $1,000 in sales) 1 needed $50. 1 needed $1,000, 1 needed $850 and 1 needed $450. I would then need 1 recruit and $1500 in sales.

Well it wasn't looking to hopeful the end of the month fast approaching. I had almost $1,000 in sales, I recruited my person. But I had 2 parties cancel. Last night I decided at 9 p.m. to take one last look. The $50 girl still needed $50. $1,000 ONLY needed $205! $850 girl blew right over hers and $450 girl only needed $200.

I tried what I could, but it just didn't happen. So of course because I am a girl...I cried and then we watched a sad movie so I cried more and then I went to bed and had bad dreams.

But today I woke up and I feel relieved. I did my BEST. That was the FIRST trip I had ever tried for and although I can pout about missing it by $950 worth of sales. I can be HAPPY, yes HAPPY that I ONLY missed it by $950. Next trip look out!

Engineer for a Day

So Saturday I was feeling refreshed and fantastic! We took the kids down to Boise State University for "Engineer for a Day" it was fun...I think next year Aaron will just take Soleil though. They had several "all ages" activities including building and edible equosphere (spelling?) with tooth picks and gum drops. All that was left of Kale's after about a minute were of course sticks. Soleil's at least made it home...part of it anyways. There were all kinds of classes and things to do, but you had to sign up and by the time we got there around 11 a.m. they were full. Next year ...get there at 9 a.m. sign up and THEN go do the open activities.

Side not while we were there I did get into a discussion with a lady. She had 6 kids and the youngest was a little younger then Klayton. I told her Klayton was our last one. She replied "Oh we said that too!" I laughed because MANY people say this comment to me. I then told her it was permanent and it was ME. The color completely left my face when she said "Oh me too and then here HE is" AHHHHHHH! Do NOT tell me this people! Seriously though I don't think I am so much scared of getting pregnant as WHAT IF I DID and it got stuck in my tube? Well Aaron said what would happen? "Oh my tube would burst and then I would have to go to the ER" He smarts off "Well at least it's nothing serious" and then we both laughed. Seriously I just can't worry about what if's today!