Monday, February 1, 2010

Sooooo Close and a Little Bummed

So as some of you may know I have been earning a trip to Hawaii from Scentsy.

To earn it you needed 24,000 points. As of January 1st (the last month to qualify) I needed 4,200. I sat down and figured out where they would need to come from. I would need 4 of my team to hit certified (first $1,000 in sales) 1 needed $50. 1 needed $1,000, 1 needed $850 and 1 needed $450. I would then need 1 recruit and $1500 in sales.

Well it wasn't looking to hopeful the end of the month fast approaching. I had almost $1,000 in sales, I recruited my person. But I had 2 parties cancel. Last night I decided at 9 p.m. to take one last look. The $50 girl still needed $50. $1,000 ONLY needed $205! $850 girl blew right over hers and $450 girl only needed $200.

I tried what I could, but it just didn't happen. So of course because I am a girl...I cried and then we watched a sad movie so I cried more and then I went to bed and had bad dreams.

But today I woke up and I feel relieved. I did my BEST. That was the FIRST trip I had ever tried for and although I can pout about missing it by $950 worth of sales. I can be HAPPY, yes HAPPY that I ONLY missed it by $950. Next trip look out!

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