Thursday, February 4, 2010

More couponing...

Ok if anyone gets tired of these feel free to let me know.

I am not showing these to "brag" but I am hoping to inspire others as we live in times where saving money is very much needed.

Price before sale, clearance and coupons-$113.25...Price after- $42.68

Cereal- $1.50 each (plus there are coupons for diapers on the backs of 3 of the boxes!

Darigold Sour Cream-50 cents each

Fresh Express Salad- 47 cents each

Diapers- $2.99

Kotex Tampons-$1.63 each

Degree Deodorant- $2.63 per "gift set" 2 normal sized and 1 travel sized(cames out to $1.31 each and travel size FREE)(Laughing at the notion that ANYONE might want this for a gift, but her....

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