Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God Is Good...All The Time

So I tend to go in giant spurts... blog a few times ...long break etc... this time is no different and as I was checking in on my hits and what I last blogged about I saw that I was sorely in need of an update.

Last post was April 15th ... I was in a bit of a panic on exactly how things would work out financially this year. I've since dubbed this year "give us this day our daily bread" and indeed it has been the theme!

God not only has provided for EVERY need He seems to have the most unexpected and creative ways of doing so. My Button Babes business has exploded! I'm walking that tight rope of trying to finish enjoying the summer break with my kids and also wishing it was time for school to start so I can stop turning down sewing projects.

God has blessed abundantly more than I could ask or think and I often find myself wondering how I can EVER doubt that He will come through because He always does EVERY time... Sometime I also wish He would give a little breathing room instead of skating in at the last minute but I realize this is just one more way He is teaching me to trust and wait.

I can tell you many stories... how about the time I ripped my favorite pair of jeans and with a silent plea towards heaven for new ones... God answered my prayer by providing a $12 sale 2 hours later and a few hours after that a $90 pair of jeans on a local Buy/Sell/Trade group for guess how much? $12!~ Or how every single month I am wondering how everything will come out and God provides a new client there and every need and many wants are met. How about being $338 short on rent money? A friend called and offered the money strings attached. I'm trying to remember that these are the ways I can teach my children of God's goodness and God's faithfulness. You see the 2 years before my divorce I was spoiled... I could get my nails done, get massages, go shopping and many other luxurious comforts that at the time I frankly took for granted. Although I am in no way destitute ... all of those luxuries are a rare treat now days. I'm daily thankful for opportunities to trade services for a few of those things I used to regularly enjoy. I've come to realize that the old saying is does NOT buy happiness...not even a little... I can tell you I am more happy and whole trusting God each day... living simply in the hand of His grace and daily claiming the promise that He will supply ALL my needs...