Saturday, December 29, 2012

3rd round of sickness and cooped up craziness

Mostly due to stress I am sure... this has been the worst fall/winter for sickness! I am seriously on my 3rd round of this awful crap. I don't want to make this post about whining or being a martyr because I'm a single mom. But man its hard being sick and having no one to help with things... I know there are a bunch of my friends who feel the same way because their husbands work out of town.

So ladies as hard as it may be this being my 3rd round I've finally had to let it go... let the housework go...let the laundry go... my kids are with their dad this weekend so I've done nearly nothing but sit on my butt and watch netflix, drink water and take vitamins...oh and a new thing I'm trying Cayenne tablets and thanks to my friend Ximena... ramen noodles with garlic... We will see after 24 hours if any of it worked =)

It's been 24 hours I'm cooped up...I'm staring at my Christmas decorations and completely dead tree and wondering if I should just get up and put that crap away ...but no I am sit here and do nothing AHHHHHH Ok I did sneak out I admit to get oranges and do a super quick interior re-design consult....but that's it ;) I'm glad I did the consult because now with Army Wives marathon on in the background and my puppy Max curled up beside me... I am on Pinterest creating a board for the kids salon I'm decorating.

So I don't even know where this post is going I just knew I'm going a little nuts...sick of being sick and feeling crazy because it's taking all my will power to be LAZY and get well... and I still have one more day to do it before I get to see my babies again.

So what are your tips for getting well, staying well and forcing yourself to be lazy? Am I the only one who has a hard time slowing down?

<3 and rest to all of you ... Karissa

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to handle your newly divorced friends... Or at least me =)

This has been riding on my mind for awhile and after yet another conversation with a married friend the other evening here goes.

Just because I am now without a husband does NOT mean I can't function around married couples.

Let me elaborate... I'm sure this goes for widows, divorced, break-ups and also in this economy "widows" those wives of deployed husbands or husbands working out of town constantly...

Please I say this on behalf of us all... INVITE us to events, gatherings, parties, dinner ANYTHING... its totally fine for us to be around married people even if we aren't anymore or our husband can't make it... In fact we feel sad, left out and just plain awkward when we don't go... I would say in fact it's VITAL to us feeling normal and going on with life.

I'm still perfectly capable of carrying on a conversation with married adults and no I'm not going to hit on your husband LOL...I say this because I've had a circle of friends and church family that I've known for 10 years... I STILL want to be your friends even if I no longer have a husband... That's why I still attend the "young marrieds" class and activities... because you see even though my marital status has changed. I still NEED you guys... I still need to hear about your kids...your lives and your marriages.

Now one friend pointed out that maybe its YOU that feels awkward as a married person... what do I say, act, do for someone who's divorced... Treat us NORMAL... we aren't going to crumble or fall into a pile of tears if you kiss your husband in front of us or talk about how happy you are in your marriage... I am surprised and happy at how incredibly HAPPY I am for those in a happy relationship...

It gives me hope and strength to know that it IS possible =) So PLEASE talk about how your husband is amazing or your wife is hot! It doesn't bother me or make me feel sorry for myself... quite the opposite in fact... it give me hope that out there... REAL...TRUE ... HONORABLE... Love exists and perhaps even for me again some day =)

So your wondering what you can do to help us through this transition... treat us normal... be a phone call away for us and continue to be our friend and share your life... we miss feeling normal...

Love Me... Divorced...Mom...