Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Aaron has the opportunity to fly to L.A. to meet with a printer and a bunch of authors and also BILL MEYERS. If you are around my age you might remember "McGee and Me" videos. Well Bill Meyers is the creator/writer. He has written count-less other books etc...well he has a bunch of books that he want to re-print and so he contacted Aaron.

Sooooo since next weekend IS my birthday. I begged to go along and Aaron said yes...hehehe So I am taggin along and we will spend just one night and one morning on business and the rest on FUN!

We found fantastic tickets to include hotel for only $288 and they are direct flights! WAHOO! Plus a super cheap rental car. Who says booking at the last minute is more expensive?

So we get in late friday night, have all day Saturday to do whatever then Saturday night is the party thing, Sunday morning we are going to Bill Meyers house, then we do whatever for the rest of Sunday and fly home Monday morning.

I am one happy person/wife/mommy!

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