Monday, February 22, 2010

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

So I KNOW I promised pics of our trip and yes I realize that we got back 2 weeks ago...BUT my husband...ok I will take some of the blame thought we wouldn't need a REAL camera and I can't figure out how to up-load the crappy pics from our phones. So until then. Sorry. It WAS fun though!

Warm weather, NO kids, NO kids and did I mention...SLEEP! YEAH! We loved it!

We did the whole Hollywood Blvd. Walk of fame thing...which was fun for us and then went to the wax museum too. I was brave and we ate at a Sushi place down there. Just the thought of sushi makes me want to gag, but contrary to what I thought, not all sushi is raw slimy fish. It was actually....wait for it...good, as in yummy. I know this made Aaron gloat with happiness as he had been trying to get me to try it for a long long time.

We also went to a Target so big that it had it's own parking garage and an escalator and this really cool thing ...kind of like an escalator for a cart! If Kate is reading this I am sure she remembers the first time I rode on an escalator...yes I am easily amused!

On Saturday of our trip we went down to 3rd street Prominade in Santa MOnica...that was alot of fun and also had lunch at PF Changs. We saw someone famous, but don't know who ...couldn't see very well through the paparazzi guys following them.

Saturday night we went to a "Read and White" party at a little cozy "club" was fun. Good food, some wine (don't drink myself, but others par-took) and some reading. Met some great business contacts for both of us.

Sunday Aaron was off bright and early to meet with Bill Meyers the author and I stayed in bed until 10! WAHOO! Then I got ready, had some breakfast, watched a little tv (we don't watch tv at home so this was really a treat) I got my fill of HGTV for awhile =) Then I called the front desk and the nice shuttle dude took me to the mall. Had alot of fun there. Got lost and went around in circles looking for the nail shop. FINALLY found it with my mall GPS (kidding) and had myself a nice manicure/pedicure and some cute little flowers painted on too. Only $36 for both! That is so cheap! In Idaho you are lucky to get one for that price.

Aaron picked me up and then we went to Inn and Out Burger (yummy) and then took a nap (we stayed up too late every night) and after that is when we went down to Hollywood and then of course stayed up way too late again...watching HGTV.

I didn't want to come home and it took me a good week to get back to reality...but I did miss the good to be a mommy...

Aaron's synopsis is that he misses California and how fast you can drive! I didn't see one speed limit sign the entire time and guess what...I didn't see one single accident either! AMAZING isn't it? Something to think about...


  1. I want to go on a trip...
    wait I just did go to Big Mountain...
    (I posted about it on my blog)
    I would really like to go
    somewhere for about a week.
    Thanks for sharing!
    See you soon.
    Love ya,
    P.S. You should see me now...
    I have my PC online &
    the laptop right next to it online.
    I guess together they make one usable PC

  2. This was a rockin' trip, Karissa! I like how you saw a famous person but had no idea who it was. Warm weather sounds dreamy right now...