Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kale can be sweet if he wants to...

Yesterday a certain un-welcomed visitor showed up. She comes every month stays for a few horrible, energy sucking days and then finally leaves. So normally I work out on Wednesdays but since I felt the need to stay home and keep her company...she did offer to come with and suck my energy as I worked out, but I decided to hide out at home to deal with her. So we all had a pj day and folded laundry and watched movies.

Kale must have sensed that mommy was not happy about her visitor and he was extra sweet and nice. He laid on his tummy on a pillow on the couch and watched me fold laundry and then later sat and read some books! It was so nice to see that even though we call him "Mr. Grumpy" for a reason, he does have his sweet times and I treasure every one. He even humored me by using the potty a few times.

I finally showered and got ready for church around 4:30 and the rest of the evening was quite pleasant. My visitor eased up on making me feel ill and today is a brand new day. I think she is hiding out not being so loud and obnoxious... which is always nice. Couple more days and she will be gone and then mommy's happy mood can be back too =)

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