Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sorry I forgot to take these pics until they were already covered in plastic in the back of my Expedition...haha

Monstor Truck Cake

Today was our church's annual Master Club Carnival and the popular event is the cake walk...there must have been over 100 cakes there!

I made 6... and by popular demand I made the monstor truck cake again...
Literally just a crumbly mess of cake, graham crackers, frosting and small chocolate donuts and of course a mud pit and monster truck!

Next up...the Sunflower made with a round cake and twinkies.

Then there is the Hot Air Balloon...a round cake decorated with gum drops and a graham cracker basket....

Flower Cake...
The petals are made with marsh-mellows and whopper was supposed to be a really cute purse but it kept falling over...oh well. Soleil liked it so much she did the cake walk and got it back...yummy!

Just for fun an m&m cake

Last the leftover cake... everything that was left from frosting to candy got put on this cake...

And here is poor Kale...begging me to PLEASE let him have some of these cakes he has been looking at for 24 hours! (Don't worry he had some for dinner tonight =)

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