Monday, April 26, 2010

Zumba Class


  1. I see some of the ladies are wearing ....
    dresses and high heels...
    What do you wear?

  2. This look so fun! I was going to ask, "How are you expected to keep up?!" but then I looked at the people in the background and realized that not everyone does.

    I'm curious about your mom's question as well. It's a work-out, but a lot of people are in regular clothes. Doesn't that get sticky and sweaty and weird?

    Looks like a blast though! I might have to look into if after the baby comes to help lose this chub. :)

  3. If you look to the Left you will see there are people sitting in chairs and alot of people with name tags on. I think this is a clip of a demo where people could come watch and try Zumba if they wanted to.

    In our class at the gym where I work out everyone where's comfy work-out clothes and tennis shoes...we have old, young, fit and not so and women... they great thing is that you can just have fun and no matter what level you are as long as you are "shakin' it" you are fine =)

    There are alot more clips on UTube...