Saturday, April 17, 2010

Potty training we will go...

So I know there are a MILLION different opinions and books about how to potty train a child...

Some start practically at birth with Elimination Communication...In fact I have a friend who is doing this very successfully... I kinda wish I had given it a go, but alas here I am...

Then there is the group( i.e. my grandma) who says they MUST be potty trained before they are 2 or they will NEVER be potty trained.

I heard of yet another...wait until they are 3, sit them down and have a "potty talk" and then bathe them in cold water or spank them if they have any accidents from there on out.

My mom trained us when she though we were "ready" no bribing just alot of singing and hooray's!

With Soleil I tried to do the potty train before they are 2 method... I did bribe with candy and alas Soleil was potty trained or at least she would go on command by the time she was 18 months. BUT then we moved and put her in a big girl bed at the new house and all that went "bye-bye" She was finally 100% going on her own, wiping mostly on her own and not having to be told 3 weeks before Kale was born.... She was 2 months shy of her 3rd birthday.

Now it is Kale's turn... I tried a few months before he turned 2, but he literally didn't even know he had a penis at that point much less that he peed from it so it was pointless....he would literally be peeing (wearing just undies) and not even notice....even in the tub he would look around wondering were the water was coming from....haha

So now... at 2 years and 4 months I think he is ready to start... I had a good conversation with a friend who's son is 1 month younger and they just potty trained him and her method seems to work the best so far for Kale... this is her 4th child so I figured she "might" have a clue =)

So this is what we do... He wears undies and is asked to go every half hour, we take him and I sit a chocolate hershey kiss on the counter by the potty. If he goes he gets it, if he doesn't he is told he has to wait until he has to go. If he has an accident we go into the bathroom to clean up in the tub... I DO NOT use cold water but it is not warm either so it's a little uncomfortable but it's over quickly and I remind him that we go on the potty and then we get a treat =) I tell him the water is just for clean up because of the accident.

So in two days he has only had 4 accidents! Lots of treats and lots of excitement about not peeing on his "doggies" (doggy underwear)

So I am interested...what worked for you when you potty trained your kids?

And please no "hate" on my method because it is just that MY method =)


  1. Hey...
    You get to the point of...
    whatever works.
    Go for it!
    Yea Kale!
    Love ya all,

  2. Dah! I always get a little creeped out when girls use the "p" word...

  3. what a HORRIBLE METHOD! i can't believe you do that! hahaha...JUST JOKING! No hating here! I love hearing successful potty training stories :) I'm trying to gear up for it. Babycenter has a post on doign the 3 day weekend where the little one is naked from the waste down so they feel it every time they go. And the reward is a potty/poo poo dance when they've succeeded. I think I'm going to try that! Let's compare notes....I'm gonna need your tips!

  4. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had no idea you even read it. Haha
    No, the pink house is not mine. I only wish it were. :-)I don't think there are any houses like that in Australia....
    I think I may have put some photos of the outside of our house, and for sure the front yard quite a while back. I don't know if it's supposed to be "safe" to put a pic of the whole outside of the house on the internet...hmmm. But, I'm pretty sure I have one in my facebook album of our house. Back about 2 or 3 years ago.
    Anyway, good luck with the potty training. :-)