Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday Date Night

So since it was such a crazy not so fun week...

About 4:00 p.m. yesterday I asked Aaron if we could have my birthday date night a week early. He replied with "get a sitter" which in guys terms means "YES!" WAHOO! My spirits were instantly lifted!

So I called Heather and being the wonderful and amazing sitter she is said yes even though she was tired and had already watched other kids all day. I LOVE her! So off I went to get ready and so I put the boys in the tub to splash around (and maybe even get clean) while I got ready. I was putting the finishing touches on my mascara when I heard "Uh, OH POTTY!" I looked over and yes...Kale had pooped in the fun! Thankfully I had already removed Klayton and so I got Kale out and proceeded to start the cleaning process...

Heather arrived around 7 and I was so happy to get away from kids and poopy tub.
We thought about going to PF Changs, but I really just wanted to go shopping...Aaron is fun to shop with he has excellent taste and a knack for picking out really great shirts etc...for me. So after a quick stop at the cell phone kiosk to transfer his numbers onto his new phone...I hit Sephora for some new eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Next we went to Maurices and although he swore I would look like a popsicle in a certain green shirt...even he had to agree it looked "hot" so a few more items there and using a couple coupons I had. Checked out a couple more stores, but didn't find anything.

Went to Old Chicago for Turkey Burger for me and Club sandwich for him. Ended the evening with a coffee, movie at home...

All in all it was fabulous! AND I still get to have "ME DAY" on my actual birthday next saturday... It's the only day of the year I have an entire day child-free, guilt-free, shopping, lunch and whatever...usually a friend comes along to. It's the best! I started this tradition for myself last year when Aaron was working out of town. I needed it after all those months being a "single mom" during the week.

I'll be sure to post about that. I really will try to do more pictures...I can't figure out how to up-load from my phone to the web yet...

Next post will be about taking the kids to "Be an Engineer for a Day

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