Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Klayton's 1 year old pics

SO here are a few of the results from yesterdays photo shoot...

Today was even my crazy except I wasn't as moody...Right now Aaron is home and feeding the kids dinner while I escape...

Klayton literally screamed whenever I was not holding him today. So I spent alot of time on facebook and watching movies. Poor Soleil she is so good even when she is not getting any attention whatsoever.

On a good note Kale did use the potty twice! I can tell he is getting how to "release" and likes wiping alot.

Hopefully the evening is more peaceful. I am trying to get some of my car seat covers finished so I can start new ones...an ongoing project. I even sell a few here and there and give them as gifts... Need to take some pics.


  1. Such a cute little man!
    Hugs & Kisses for him!
    I would like the head & shoulders one & the one of him sitting on the chair.
    Love from Grandma Nan

  2. Well you have to order them....they are so stinkin' expensive...I got ones for you but it is of him sitting on the suitcases looking up...That was my cheap package...sorry

  3. The black and white profile shot of Klayton is AWESOME! It really shows off his deliciously adorable hair. Wow. I'd have that one framed for the wall.