Monday, January 25, 2010

Trying to be better, but it's just another crappy day!

Ok so inspired by my husband who faithfully blogs every single day...I am going to promises, but maybe I will actually get some readers if I say up date more than once a quarter!

So today started out ok enough...text from a friend who said her husband rolled their jeep, but he is ok...the car of course is not. Tried in vain to go back to sleep so up I got and after getting Kale some breakfast and flipping on a movie...aka...morning babysitter. I hopped in the shower and then threw on something comfy to hide how bloated and well let's just say hormonal and menstrual I am feeling. Got the kids ready and of course got irritated because we were not getting out the door on time.

Off we finally were to get Klayton's one year old pictures taken. Got a coffee at Moxie and actually had time to chat with my fav barista Sarah. Dropped Soleil and Kale off at our favorite sitters and then took Klayton to Target to get his pics. Poor guy has been teething and thus snotting and drooling all over everything.

Normally he is so smiley and happy, but today could only muster a few grins for the camera. It is bittersweet that my baby, my third, my....last now 1! When does baby-hood end and child-hood begin? For now I will hold on tight to each precious moment.

After pics picked up kids and headed home threw some lunch together and got Klayton down for a nap...he was soooo tired and just could tell he was feeling crappy. Sewed for just a little bit and then the Scentsy came! Wahoo! It's always like christmas. I told him in a stern voice that he was LATE! He normally comes around 11...LOL He kinda looked shocked until I laughed. Poor guy! Just trying to do his job!

Well the afternoon and evening just went down-hill. Kale is getting into everything! "No Kale get out of the trash" "No Kale don't throw play-doh on the floor" "No Kale get away from mommy's sewing machine!" AHHHHHHHH! And because I am on my period...I ran upstairs upset and overwhelmed and promptly threw myself on the couch for a good cry...only it was short-lived because Aaron had to leave and I had to try and be a grown-up.

How do we do it...we woman? Day after day...whiny kids, sick kids, housework, cooking, cleaning, errands, work, husbands... It's enough to make you want to climb the walls. That's just what I did tonight. Tried to literally climb my walls. What a crazy day.

I know tomorrow will be better and I will look back and just a horrible memory. It's the moments of goodness in our lives. A child's hug, smile or funny re-mark. Soleil kept coming up to me all day and just giving me hugs. She said "mommy do you need a hug? It's a rough day huh?" Holding back tears I willingly gave into her adorable ways of love and even as a child she understands what mommy needs on a rough day. Just a few hugs.

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  1. wow! sounds like a super busy day!...
    aw! Soleil is so cute!
    well 2-day wasn't that great of a day.. with kale and all, and wow you haven't wrote in 4-eva. ;) =) :P
    P.S. from Mom:
    My office PC won't let me post on your blog...bummer. So was able to on the HP laptop.