Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Okay at the request of my mother I am posting a new post... She reminded me for the millionth time that I had not written anything new since August and if I was going to have a blog then I should probably do just that..BLOG...

We are currently in Montana for 2 weeks. Although I thought I was coming for fun and family it has turned into a business trip for both Aaron and I. He is working his job and also has 3 or 4 book signings for his recently released "Dream On" part 2 of the WJA series. I have 4 Scentsy parties and 2 craft fairs and if that wasn't enough it's the end of the month...My team is pushing me towards Superstar consultant! YEAH!

I must not look that busy though...already my dad enlisted me to work with him yesterday and most likely tomorrow too. Although I kinda feel like the grunt man. My dad and my brother get to sit on their behinds all day on the rider lawn mowers while I get to do all the trimming and run the blower...haha That's what you get when you haven't done "manual labor" in 7 years... So it's good to get a work-out and fresh air and even a little money.

The kids of course are having a grand time getting to play all day at grandma's. Soleil talks constantly about what she will do "when I turn 16" (shudder) Kale insists on turning any object into some sort of gun or weapon and runs around "shooting" everything and Klayton...my sweet baby just got his first 2 teeth and he is just a happy nice baby almost all the time.

So I do have a valid reason for not blogging constantly and I doubt it will get any easier... Family and work just keep getting busier, but I will try to do better...someday...

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