Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh! My! Where did it go?

Summer I mean... Seems I was just wishing it would come and now it's almost September! BUSY BUSY AUGUST! Aaron came back with a van load of kids for summer 2 weekends with a house full of my kids and a bunch of teenagers! Eating my food, making a mess....anyways =)
Then went to Scentsy convention in Salt Lake..."woot, woot" so fun! Over $250 in FREE stuff which who wouldn't want that! Had a most interesting embarrassing moment on the morning we were leaving. RAN...and I DO mean RAN...down to the first floor because someone was in the shower in our room and I had to GO NOW! We are talking no bra, hair a mess...went down BARELY made it....did my thing and said a quick prayer that I would not see anyone I knew on the way back up. So I even waited and was looking in the mirror that points down the hall before making a beeline for the elevators. All clear I stepped forward and in from outside steps my director's husband....who she calls McHottie (and for a very good reason!) Needless to say I almost died right there and then had to ride up 9 floors with him and THEN after making myself look like a person we all ate breakfast together as a team. Oh the agony...haha anyways it was embarrassing.
Then Aaron was home for 10 days which was just plain wonderful, but all good things must come to an end and he went back to Montana =(
So now just finishing up the month of August which family and business wise has been fantastic in every way! Even got a date night on Saturday...
Had quite an interesting Sunday school lesson. Was supposed to be on respecting your husband and his need to conquer and then turned into a 20 minute admonishment to have sex OFTEN... I mean he made us yell it! LOL... I'd say 6 out of 8 days is often wouldn't you so I giggled, turned a little red and asked Mr. Thomas if he wouldn't mind sending out a daily reminder e-mail to the class... hahaha At least I got a laugh even if Aaron wanted to bury me under the chair.
Klayton is currently on a nursing strike which is just plain no fun at all! He will nurse really well very early in the morning, again around noon and then from there until bed-time...a sip every few hours...he is cranky as all get out and so therefore I am as well! UGH! I try forcing him, bottle, other food...NOPE! Will not do it...I have been letting him have some water to keep him from dying...UGH! Let it end! Ok...SO that catches you up to present...sorry I've been so lazy for the 3 people that even read my blog...hahaha

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