Thursday, August 6, 2009

August SCENTSY Clearance!

So it's that time...twice a year when Scentsy reveals what they are discontinuing... so here is the list... it's all 10% off and FREE shipping to the Boise or Missoula area...
You can call me...because I just love to chat with you anyways... or go to my web site to actually view the products. I am always looking for more fantastic people to join my team so if you know anyone, you tell them about it and they sign up YOU get $25 cash or $30 in FREE products... $99 to sign up and August is AWESOME because they get a TON of extra stuff!

Did I mention Scentsy convention is in just 6 days! WAHOO! I'll tell you all about it when I get home!

GONE FOREVER after this month!

Discontinued Warmers
Bombay (DSW-BBAY)
Brownstone (DSW-BSTN)
Classic Chocolate (DSW-SCHO)
Dandy Plug-in Black (PSW-DBLK)
Dandy Plug-in Brown (PSW-DBRN)
Dandy Plug-in White (PSW-DWTE)
Dragonfly (DSW-DFLY)
Jakarta (DSW-JAKA)
Luminous (DSW-LUMI)
Patina (DSW-PATI)
Pressed Penny (DSW-PPEN)
Punched Tin (DSW-PTIN)
Raised Dot Black (DSW-DOTB)
Raised Dot Mocha (DSW-DOTM)
Raised Dot Turquoise (DSW-DOTT)
Retro Chic (DSW-RETR)
Shabby Chic (DSW-SHCH)
Weave Plug-in Black (PSW-WBLK)
Weave Plug-in Brown (PSW-WBRN)
Weave Plug-in White (PSW-WWTE)

Discontuned Scents
Blueberry Cheesecake (BBC)
Cashmere (CAS)
Eucalyptus (EUC)
Exotic Vanilla (EXV)
Falling Leaves (FAL)
Fresh Cut Cantaloupe (FCC)
Grapefruit Blossom (GFB)
Grapefruit Pomegranate (GFP)
Havana Cabana (HVC)
Hearth & Home (SOTM) (HNH)
Herb Garden (HBG)
Irish Cream (IRC)
Juicy Peach (JCP)
Leather (LEA) (Bars and Bricks)
Lemon Lavender (LMV)
Lots of Lavender (LOL)
Luxe Vanilla (LUX)
Meadow Pear (MDP)
Mediterranean Spa (MTS)
Mulberry Bush (MBB)
Mysterious (MYS)
Nutmeg & Orange Zest (NOZ)
Pomegranate Orange (PGO)
Red Delicious (RED)
Sandalwood & Cranberries (SWC)
Sangria (SNG)
Sheer Saffron (SOTM) (SHE)
Silk (SLK)
Spiced Orange Harvest (SOH)
Spruceberry (SPR)
Strawberry Sweetie (SBS)
Sweet Indulgence (SWI)
Sugar (SGR)
Sweet Tea Magnolia (SWT)
Tarocco Mint (SOTM) (TRM)
Tea Blossom (TEA)
Toasted Apple Butter (TAB)
Tuscan Garden (TUS)
Verbena Berry (VBY)
Wasabi Ginger (WSG)
Watermelon Patch (WMP)

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