Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dinner Out and Family Fun Friday Night!

So this week was very exhausting for me as it was a BUSY couponing week! So be the end of the week having saved a little over $300 (spending $47) on wednesday night, I also shopped Monday and Tuesday saving over $800 (spending $124) combined those days.

Here is what I got for $47!

30 boxes fruit snacks (30 cents a box)
8 tubes tooth paste
8 tooth brushes
6 Cascade Dishwasher Detergent
12 rolls bounty paper towels
2 dawn dish soap
10 cans refrided beans
15 cans hunts diced tomatoes
1 pkg pampers diapers
1 large pkg. Huggies wipes
2 boxes sandwich bags
4 pkgs. zip-loc "tupperware"
4 shampoo and 4 conditioner Pantene Pro-V

I was just plain wiped out! So last night I asked Aaron what he wanted for dinner...knowing full well we had plenty of food options at home...he opted to take us out to dinner and I wasn't sad in the least bit! We ate at Tuscono's Brazillian Grill. (

It's quite the fast-paced dining experience. You pay a set price per adult (kids are free) and there is a full buffet of wonderful side dishes, salads and appetizers as well as soups. Then their are a bunch of guys who bring meat of all kinds to your table and also grilled pineapple and Parmesan veggies! It is sooooo delicious and you can keep going until you are stuffed!

We especially got a kick out of Kale. Whenever a "meat man" would come to the table Kale would stand on his chair and hold out his plate... he wanted some of EVERYTHING...and would eat it and declare "YUM" very loudly. He even tried the grilled chicken hearts (YUCK) and declared them "YUM" as well. Soleil and I were smart and didn't even try them, but Aaron did and said they were gross. It was hilarious to see Kale chomping down on them.

We then headed to Re-Discovered book store. Our favorite book store to visit. I found a used book I had been looking for and we were pleasantly surprised to find it was "meet the author" night! Roland Smith author of books such as "I.Q" and "Tentacles" ...basically young adult adventure series. Aaron was the oldest one in the line for autographs. =)

Then it was home for bed for the kids and reading time for mom and dad.


  1. Wow. I agree that watching a little guy munch down on chicken hearts would be gross.

    And that's a pretty impressive grocery run. Dang.

  2. wow wow wow! amazing!!!!!!!!!! soo in awe of your shopping prowess!