Friday, February 17, 2012

I Turned 30... now get off my lawn!

Geez... I promised this post last weekend and now finally here it is.

February 6, 1982 ...I'm sure my mother knows the exact time, weight and length... I came into this world a little red headed baby born in Houston, Texas. The first born of what would one day be 8 children born to Keith and Nancy Simmons.

I don't know quite which direction to take this post... OMG! 8 kids or what life has taught me in 30 years... there are a bunch of random thoughts rolling around in my head. But by now you must know I'm brutally honest and if I offend anyone I will just blame it on turning 30.

For multiple reasons going from 29 to 30 seemed like the year of growing up. Turning from a lot of ideas and beliefs I'd held onto since child hood. Dealing with issues I had buried over the years and just in general cleaning the closets out of my heart and mind. Part of all this was just really really looking inside and starting to figure out what I, Karissa Patterson believe, love and enjoy. Not what my family believes, my friends or my church...but ME. My friend Kate brought up in a recent conversation that the Bible talks about working out your OWN salvation. Not your spouses, not your childs, not other people from church...but your OWN. So that's been a part of my closet cleaning. De-cluttering myself from what I'm expected to do by others and what I do because of my relationship with God. A running theme lately has been paying attention to YOUR self and your heart and TRULY not the things of others because in the end we are all accountable for US not anyone else no matter how big a role we play in their lives.

Another things I've really been working on is fear. All the things I do because I fear something. Fear what others will think...fear for my finances... I read the best post from probably my favorite blogger "Single Dad Laughing" The post entitled "whose life is it anyways" I just want to be real and raw and I'm getting braver about just being who I truly am regardless of the fear of what others may think. I don't really know if it's turning 30 or just the trials of the last year and a half... but I like it. I feel a newness and freedom inside.

One REALLY random thing I've been thinking about a lot lately is how sad I feel at all the young kids getting married. This is probably were I start ducking from rotten tomatoes but this is my blog and my opinion...

I got married at 20 almost 21. I hadn't experienced too much of life yet. I see a lot of kids getting married at 19, 20, 21 and too me I think WOW! DON'T DO IT! Because I KNOW from getting married at that age that no matter what they tell themselves (because of the beliefs we've been taught)a HUGE part of getting married young is to have sex. Yes I said it SEX SEX SEX... Because somehow in my opinion WAY TOO MUCH emphasis is put on this beautiful act. So we go into marriage this young kid thinking that because we did (or didn't) wait for marriage for it that it equals 85% of marriage... that it's so dang important that no matter what happens sex will fix it...that a great marriage is because of great sex. Turning 30... thought here... a great big *insert loud buzzer sound* NO! Great sex is BECAUSE of a great marriage... it's about 10% of marriage and not the other way around... because all too soon there are kids and work and by the end of the day if you don't focus on having a great marriage... and even if you have one sometimes sleep is waaaay more appealing than sex. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE do I ever... BUT if your marriage is sucky... even the best sex isn't going to make it great again. So here's my 2 cents for all you "kids" thinking you need to hurry up and get married because you want to have sex soooo bad... Wait on getting married if that's your big reason! Go live your life! Go explore the world, the endless possibilities of life, GROW UP A LITTLE! It may not feel like it but you have TONS of time. Get a job, learn a skill, travel, get a place of your own, become a grown-up! Then when you find that person you CANNOT live without...for every reason (not just sex) you will go in with your eyes open.

Ok so I don't want to end on something so heavy here's the FUN thing I did turning 30 =)

I changed my hair. I've pretty much had the same hair for the last 15 years! So I made the appointment... as the day drew closer my hair stylist kept asking me if I was sure and I said yes yes yes! Her and I both looked at tons of pictures and after 3 1/2 hours in the chair... Here is the result! (sorry it's not better)

Go be amazing! Be everything YOU were created to be! and read this blog just might change your life...


  1. 30 was interesting for me too. It puts a lot of things in perspective. The funny thing was that after all my reflection and pondering I came to one big realization,knowing what I know now, I wouldn't do anything differently!

  2. Love this post. Love your enthusiasm and your spirit. Love your honesty and wit. Love you.

    (And I also have a panic attack whenever a young person announces getting married. I just want to grab them by the hand and run them in the other direction, screaming "Live a little first!!! PLEASE!" But I don't ever do that, as badly as I want to, because I'm a wuss. Although, I did do that to David and he didn't get married young. Whew.)


  3. Enjoy 30. I am still in denial... Is your mom really old enough to have a child your age? ;)

  4. We are some of the few who 'made it' getting married at the tender age of 19 (we had been best friends for 5 years). We had to do a lot of growing up together and we wish we had done some things differently, like wait until we were older with schooling under our belts. But, God be praised, He has taken us through some mighty low, low, LOW valleys together and as a result, we are stronger. You are spot on with the *gasp* 'sex' statements. Also, just as an aside, I think some girls get married for the sake of having a wedding, not a marriage. Our kiddos are being encouraged to wait, pray for that one special someone, get an education and DO SOMETHING for God while you wait. Life isn't about marriage, it's about serving the Lord. And should He provide someone for you to serve Him with, well then what could be better? (Still praying for you and yours. God is still in the miracle business. Blessings to you, Karissa.)

  5. Hey sis, I tagged you on my blog! Check it out! =)