Sunday, February 20, 2011

Remember the Little Things

Sundays right now are the best and sometimes hardest days... I get to go to church and be with God's people and hear God's Word explained and taught in new ways... That is the best... The hardest part right now is not having Aaron there with us. The kids miss him and ask where he is and I wonder if he misses going with us...

You see in all my anger earlier on I said and did some things that are going to make coming back to church for him really hard... I so regret those things... *Edited to clarify... OUR church is 100% supportive of us, our family...our marriage and would welcome him back with open arms... What I meant by really hard is that had I not been such a big mouth it would have been easier as far as what he thinks people think... everyone at church has told me they are praying for healing and forgiveness.*

Just now I got out a copy of each of his books and I opened them up to the dedication... The first one says "For Karissa, the love of my life and my best friend" the second one "A thanks to my Wife who puts up with my two natures"

So why am I talking about this you might say it makes no sense with my title...

I think it would be good for all of us to write down some of the the things we want to say... sometimes that would be better than saying them to whoever and the risk of damage that could take a long time to repair.

But then there are little things that we don't say and then wish we would have to a spouse, a friend or a loved one and sometimes they are gone in one way or another before we ever get that chance...

I mentioned the dedications because they are in writing for thousands of people have read them and every time a copy sells... someone else sees those loving words my husband wrote... and I just never really appreciated fully until now. How many times have angry words escaped my lips and can never be brought back compared to how many times loving words have come out those same lips.

It's time to tip the scales and let love come forth again...

So here it is for whoever may read this...

I LOVE MY HUSBAND! Life with him has been a crazy adventure...twists, turns, hills and valley's and the Lord has never left us...

I told him early on in this mess... "We have been through richer, poorer...sickness and health... this is the better and worse part...and the worse can be so much worse"

I also watched Fire Proof and if you have never seen it I highly recommend it... and although I have been AWFUL to my husband and said HORRIBLE things that I can never ever take back... One thing keeps bringing me back... "You NEVER leave your partner in a Fire"

One thing I am so thankful for is that it seems that no matter what fires we have been through...we take turns being the one who doesn't leave their partner... sometimes it's him and sometimes it's me...but we are rarely down together. I think that's what God intended marriage to be... One falls the other doesn't run away no matter how far down the fall is. They are there waiting.


  1. Good for you! Go Karissa! Keep up this way of thinking.

  2. Karissa,
    I Love you...
    and continuing to pray for God's will
    and Jesus to give you strength.

  3. Please if you are anonymous post your name at the end or I will delete the comment regardless of content. No human has all the answers but Christ alone in us the hope...

  4. Again ANY post not attaching a name to it will be deleted no matter how nice your comments so PLEASE attach a name to it or perhaps send me a personal email with your advice if you wish to not be public =)

    I have for sure realized my sins and my faults and regardless of the outcome the joy I know feel in my heart will not go away =)