Monday, July 20, 2009

Sometimes we all just need a good cry!

This post really has nothing much to do with Klayton...but this picture represents my feelings over the last few days...

So ever since Thursday night when I found out my dear friend Amber (and her family) are moving back to Minnesota, I have been 2 seconds from tears and have cried many times... I am sure she felt bad since she had only known for a couple of hours, but really ONE WEEK? That's all I get to adjust to this news? So as she is telling me I burst into tears right in the middle of Gymboree and proceeded to burst into tears several more times that evening.
Then Aaron gets home at 1 a.m. Friday morning and of course I am still up facebooking and then creating this blog. He knows immediately that something is wrong. We crawl into bed and I blubber like a baby about how much I am going to miss her and how shall my life go on. He tries to comfort me the best he can, but I sob and sob.
I do pretty well until Sunday the day Aaron always has to leave to go back to work in Montana (UGH!) Someone at church asks me how I am doing and poor un-suspecting woman sees me burst into tears again and cry about how Aaron is leaving. Of course Sunday afternoon just gets worse when he REALLY does I cry myself to sleep for a nap. Today is not much better...I realize he has to have a job, but WHY WHY WHY ... It has been more than 8 months and I honestly don't know how much longer I can make it... SO I am waiting and praying and seeking the Lord's guidance. Can I just have an answer Lord...I want/need/crave to be with my husband and weekend visitation rights just aren't cutting it.

I said all this to vent and YES I know it could be worse...he could be overseas in the war and for this I am thankful that he is here, he is safe...I just want him HOME...


  1. Holy smokes. :( I had no idea that he was only home on weekends. I am so sorry... I can totally relate with how you feel. For me, it is only during the ski season, but for weeks at a time, Cam will be gone and, well, it sucks. There's a certain loneliness that creeps in when you're not with your mate. You're not really literally lonely because there are people around you, but it isn't THE person, and it sucks. I'm sorry.

    Here's hoping that the situation can change for the better. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks Rachel...I hope so too...One day at a time...