Friday, July 17, 2009


Do every just look at your kids and wonder "what are they thinking?" Take for instance this lovely shot of Soleil. She seems to think it is great fun to grab the camera when mommy is busy and take pictures of anything and everything. This includes about a million self-portrait shots including pics of her tonsils, ear, foot and any other part of her face she can get it close to. I have also found in looking through her photo "art" some rather interesting pictures of my butt, stomach and other non-flattering angles. Stay tuned for more of her work soon.

Kale always thinking up trouble and doing as boys do, getting into trouble and getting dirty...and learning new words "NO!" is what he shouts most often. One thing is for sure he is one determined little boy. He is for sure giving us a run for our money!

Klayton...sweet and laid back. The perfect baby to have as a surprise if you weren't planning another. Sleeps through the night, has since he was 2 months. I mean 8 - 9 or even 10 a.m.! How blessed am I? When we are sitting just the two of us on the little couch in his room...nursing and just doesn't get any better or more peaceful than that...of course until Kale bursts in...

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