Saturday, June 2, 2012

Schools Out! What to do now?

This is the 2nd summer since Soleil started school and last year we started the tradition of sitting down and making a list of things we want to do during summer vacation. If you are like me I really don't want to spend the summer inside watching countless hours of television or playing the Wii... we have had plenty of that all winter. The sun is out and it's time to play! We set a couple ground rules. We can do one paid activity per week and the rest have to be free. We will spend at least one day per week not going anywhere outside our yard. So here is our list so far and we will add to it as we think up new ideas. Now we are very blessed to have a big yard and a pool of our own so this helps a lot and we try to have friends over a lot to share in our pool fun. My kids are 7, 4 and 3 and are able to participate in all of these activities. Summer Fun List- Roaring Springs (probably only once per month or summer since we have a pool)- Settlers or some other fun park (Settlers has a splash pad) We will also take a picnic with us.= Hike at Camels back park or to Table Rock - Saturday market down town - Bowling ( Pay only for shoe rental - Edwards summer movies ($1 per person) Regal Theaters across the US - Library Summer Reading program - Play dates with our friends (I had her make a list of friends so we wouldn't miss out)- Chalk Art on our court yard - Play in our sand pile (it's not a box haha just a pile of sand)- Mommy/daughter dates - Mommy/son dates - Of course swimming in our pool pretty much daily - Arts and Craft time - Walk on the green belt - Water balloon fight - Boise Aquarium - Boise Zoo - I also want to make a day trip up to Mccall to spend a day playing on the beach at the lake - If you have any fun ideas for summer PLEASE share! Hope this gives you some inspiration!

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  1. You could maybe do a lemonade stand with Soleil on that corner by your house. I always thought they were fun to do. =)